Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It has suddenly become fall...

Sorry to the four people who look at my blog! I have been AWOL and lacking a card reader for my new camera. Well, I finally got one.

There have been birthday parties,

(the birthday girl)

Homecoming parades,


that threw shadows.

It appears that I hang out exclusively with children. This is not entirely false.

I finally made it to the eye doctor. He promptly dilated my eyeballs!

Monsters came to visit!

As did Chris.

What up cool Jamal?

And just today I made a pie. Apple variety.

1 comment:

jamal said...

i sure am glad you did finally be able to update you are blofg!!!! lorf aloudsmilesmile!!!
yeah, that pie sure was good and i do mean to eat more of it beofre are time's our ovre!!!!