Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oppenheimer & Monkeys

Oh my!

A weekend trip to Chicago produced some pictures from the Lincoln Park Zoo. I recommend it. It's free (except for parking). I also recommend this:

I do love the Irish.

I didn't get any pictures of the concert, but I did get some of the zoo, so on you go:

Just go anywhere you like men! Over there, down's all a toilet for you!

Quite a lot of monkeys, including these two cuddled up in a tree together.

The marmosets were all fighting over this one particular little stick. That stick must have been quite a charmer for all the trouble it made.

This fellow was really something. He wanted to stay awake to keep an eye on us,

but it was just too hard...

Why so sad, friend?

This is the face you make when one of your friends very nearly pees on your head.

Silverbacks are, well, not meant to be in here. All they do is sit and think about what's out there.

Hey kitties.

My favorite thing about big cats in zoos is how they eye every small child that walks by but don't pay an adult any attention at all.