Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Trip to the Zoo

I realize that there are lots of posts going up but I have a lot of catching up to do, okay?!

These were taken at the Niabi Zoo in Illinois. It's newish and smallish as zoos go, but has some alright habitats that they seem to constantly be expanding.

I entered their photo contest. I lost. Whatever Niabi Zoo!

My Favorite Outside Photos

A conglomeration of out of doors photos from the past year.


(Iowa City)


(Coralville Fireworks)

(Burlington, Wisconsin)
(Washington Island, WI)

Autumn Spectacular!

Three cats in a bed! It's almost 4 cats in a room.

It is fall. This makes me bake things. Apple things

and chocolate pumpkin cupcakes,

Speaking of cupcakes, this one rides a Segway, as does his friend:

My favorite band played at the University of Iowa Homecoming Parade this year, take a look:

The tree in front of our house

thinks that it is late fall, so it does this:

So much raking. Sad, sad raking.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I don't always see rock stars...

Sometimes I just see things that I see all the time.

Or I make an apple pie,

or paint a turkey...

which Jake later wanted attached to his chest for beauty reasons...

which is also cool.

It's for videos! And pictures!

What do I see when I'm out and about...

Well, last week I saw this at the Iowa Memorial Union. I did not like the way Scope Productions handled the concert. I DID like the music and the smile on Linnell's face. And my proximity to his shoes.