Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer Time in the City

Jamal and I spent some time in Burlington, Wisconsin in July. Jman had some coffee.

They had pretty flowers,

pretty cats,

pretty houses,

and some interesting National Geographic Magazines.

Shortly thereafter I had a birthday. My mom instructed the guy at Dairy Queen to make some sort of "modern design" for my annual ice cream cake.

For this birthday I was given a new digital camera. It has a 'sunset mode' which I've only gotten to try out once and it was through my window screen.

In the last couple of days my mother has been making tons of key lime items, such as this pie that she insisted Jamal try, as he had never had it before. He likes it!

I also went to Wilson's Apple Orchard. They have some good apples, which I picked and placed in my apple bucket.

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